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What Is Agile Consulting?

To embrace adaptability, whilst optimising efficiency, so as to thrive in dynamic business landscapes

Agile consulting refers to the practice of providing guidance, expertise, and support to organisations seeking to improve the outcomes of their team. Agile introduces an iterative approach to product development and portfolio management, that emphasises an openness to feedback, a willingness to adapt, and a hunger to learn.

Our Agile consultants work closely with businesses to help them solve complex, systematic problems, using the Scrum framework. We help to align your processes, teams, and culture to effectively implement these practices.

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Consulting with Kearnsey

Melbourne, Australia
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How Agile Can Help Your Organisation

Improved Adaptability

Build resilience through disciplined feedback at all levels of your organisation.

Better Risk Management

We make risk an active role in your backlog and something that requires continuous vigilance.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

We introduce new forms of measurement via OKR's, as well as other methods to build better workflows.

Empowered and Engaged Teams

By providing the direction and authority for your people to make more-informed decisions, better outcomes will be achieved.

Custom Solutions

Drive Major Change In Your Organisation

Regardless of your goal or challenge, our team can develop a custom solution that aligns with your processes, teams, and culture.

Who Is Agile Consulting For?

Seekers of Adaptability and Efficiency

Agile consulting is beneficial for a wide range of organisations, teams, and individuals; who recognise the need for increased agility, adaptability, and efficiency in their work processes and are committed to embracing Agile principles and methodologies.

It is particularly relevant for:

  • Organisations Undergoing Transformation
  • Project and Product Teams
  • Executives and Senior Leaders
  • Startups and Entrepreneurial Ventures


Reviews From Our Clients

Adrian Smith
Based on practical experience and a thorough understanding of the science, rather than regurgitating a book, like many, Martin has a deep knowledge of the practical application of agile techniques to transforming businesses. Martin combines this knowledge with a unique skill in communicating his vast experience to senior executive teams, fast tracking their transformation journey.
Adrian SmithAdrian Smith
Executive Director at K-TIG
Martin is a true thought leader, his skills in challenging your existing thinking and coaching you and your teams in new ways to operate are hard to value. I believe we could not have delivered the successful projects we have achieved over the years without Martin's assistance.
Chris Moon
Chris Moon
Chief Information Officer | Fire Rescue Victoria
As a true Agilist, Martin is continually inspecting and adapting and always looking for improvements. As a fellow director of Scrum Australia I have seen, first-hand the passion he has for his craft and community and he is a pleasure to work with.
Colin Tan
Colin Tan
Managing Director | AxisAgile
I worked with Martin on number of opportunities - Martin's common sense approach coupled with a deep understanding of not just Agile but all aspects of management added significant value.
Peter Thatcher
Peter Thatcher
Director | MESH Health
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Consulting with Kearnsey

Melbourne, Australia
ABN: 16 169 073 508


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