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Martin Kearns

Founder, Director & Digital Specialist

With over a decade of dedicated research and innovation experience, Martin is a respected pioneer in transforming the way we work – to meet the challenges of today’s and future economies.

Recognised globally for his thought-provoking methodologies, Martin has been invited to speak, keynote, train, and coach at industry events in over 20 countries.

Throughout his career, Martin has consistently emphasised the principle that successful business transformation starts with people: your customers, your team, and your market. This is all facilitated by technology and connectivity.

By investing in the fields of agile, coaching, Scrum, and navigating complexity, Martin has earned a reputation as an innovative, collaborative leader and a strategic agilist.


Our People Embracing Complexity

Our Leaders

Michael Fagan

Enterprise Coach

Brad Stokes

Agile Coach/Flow Advisor

Our Approach

Pragmatic & Systematic Data-Driven Decisions

Our pragmatic approach has been instrumental in driving major operational and cultural changes within complex environments.

By fostering digital transformation through continuous improvement, these leading initiatives enhance customer experience. We are always mindful of the broader impact of change on the organisation and it’s systems.

We provide subject matter knowledge and expertise, C-suite, and invaluable coaching and mentoring services to senior executives and Boards. This effectively articulates and instills our commitment to an organisation’s vision.


Our Aim

Teams That FeelValued, Engaged & Accountable

We approach underperformance through systematic analysis of empirical data. This enables the creation of empowered teams who are valued, engaged, and accountable for delivering value. We readily provide mentorship, share knowledge, foster alliances, and create partnerships, to promote the exchange of ideas that will enhance collective capabilities.

In unifying and guiding people towards a cohesive future vision of the company, we respect the existing organisational culture and needs. Through the implementation of holistic strategies that harness both technological advancements and human capabilities, we drive solutions that bring your vision to life.


Our Values

Principles We Live By

In It Together

Your success is your success: we work with one another to make a sustainable difference.

Trust Is Earned

We know trust is built through leading by example and doing as you say: invaluable traits in any partnership.

Active Learning

Learning is a discipline.  Demonstrating value early, by actively listening to feedback, is reflected in our reactions, and determines what to do next.

Willingness To Try

We are excited by new challenges, applying new methods, and working within new organisations. Our attitude is: without a willingness to try, nothing will change.

Behind The Brand

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Solutions

The Celtic knot in our logo symbolises the old Celtic doctrine of interdependency of knowledge, that has been passed down through the ages. The wisdom it represents is still as relevant today, as we try to re-introduce autonomy into the workplace.

There is no beginning or an end to a Celtic knot.  This has inspired our mindset of working in partnership. The number of overlaps strengthen the knot, just like interactions/feedback strengthen relationships in the workplace.

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