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Enabling Leadership to Achieve a Digital Vision

Collaborative Agile Advising for Small and Medium Enterprises & State Governments – fostering agility and enduring transformations in intricate and complex settings.

Agile Consulting

An iterative and collaborative approach that emphasises flexibility, adaptability, and continuous improvement.

Executive Coaching

Highly personalised and confidential coaching to improve the skills, growth, and effectiveness in an executive role.

Mediation Services

Impartial and knowledgeable third-party assistance to aid in settling disputes or conflicts within your organisation, or with external entities.

Independent Facilitation

Seminars and workshops for organisations aiming to improve their skills in agile, OKR, leadership, digital strategy, and more.

What We Do

Custom Solutions To Solve Complex Problems

We recognise and embrace your uniqueness. Our aim is to create a customised solution that aligns with your unique needs, while pushing the boundaries of your established norms; all done with the utmost respect.

Our Vision

To turn your purpose into a tangible reality, and to enhance the lives of both your people and partners.

Our Mission

To reclaim the intent of agility and build a better future together.

Our Process

Creating Long-Lasting, Sustainable Change


We begin with an open mind: actively learning about the decisions made and the shifts that have taken place in your environment.


We assess the thresholds being reached, and the shifts in your purpose and goals, so we may design a hypothesis for change.


We present ideas to provoke thought, gather feedback, enable collaboration, and collectively determine what is necessary


We introduce innovative methods, events, roles, and measurements, by aligning them with your future goals; all whilst fostering a shared understanding of their significance.


We create a space conducive to promoting safety and to encourage individuals to share their reflections.  This enables us to identify both gaps and successes in our approach.


We examine newly formed information, to identify areas that require revisiting.  This ensures the sustainability of change, and emphasising our collective willingness to work together.


Drive Major Change In Your Organisation

Whatever are your goals, our team can develop a custom solution that aligns with your processes, teams, and culture, while overcoming any challenges along the way.

Our Services

Agile Consulting and Executive Coaching

Enterprise Agility Consulting

This enables organisations to embrace adaptability, optimise efficiency, and thrive in dynamic business landscapes.

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Executive Digital Coaching

Empowering leaders to unlock their full potential: enhancing their leadership capabilities, and to drive impactful results.

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Custom Private Training

We believe in private training courses, which allows us to customise content to your need and price point. We are accredited trainers with many organisations including: Recursive Loop, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, Let’s Go and Resilence@Jess.

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Independent Facilitation

Sometimes organisations require an objective view, to hold people’s focus on an important problem, allow for deeper discussions, and to plan ways forward. We create spaces to inspire, encourage, and motivate the group to provoke their own conversations and to make decisions.

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Strategic Design

Assisting Boards, Leadership teams, and CXO’s to synthesise strategy into operations, then translate this into tangible execution, takes time and requires space. Our role is to accelerate your growth ambitions by creating and executing realistic outcomes for your people and customers.

Why choose us

We'll Help You Eliminate Corporate Amnesia

Staying Relevant

We bridge the gap between new ways and old, by establishing a connection that transforms "change" into an unforgettable new norm.


We empower individuals to awaken, align, and accelerate toward a better future.


Our futures are interdependent, and our partnership begins from the moment we say 'hello'. Trust is earned through the outcomes we deliver.

Custom Approach

Every organisation desires to be different. We combine the appropriate tools and approaches, so everyone can contribute to making their differences a reality.


Reviews From Our Clients

Adrian Smith
Based on practical experience and a thorough understanding of the science, rather than regurgitating a book, like many, Martin has a deep knowledge of the practical application of agile techniques to transforming businesses. Martin combines this knowledge with a unique skill in communicating his vast experience to senior executive teams; fast tracking their transformation journey.
Adrian Smith
Executive Director at K-TIG
Martin is a true thought leader, his skills in challenging your existing thinking and coaching you and your teams in new ways to operate, are hard to value. I believe we could not have delivered the successful projects we have achieved over the years without Martin's assistance.
Chris Moon
Chris Moon
Chief Information Officer | Fire Rescue Victoria
As a true Agilist, Martin is continually inspecting and adapting, and always looking for improvements. As a fellow director of Scrum Australia I have seen, first-hand, the passion he has for his craft and community, and he is a pleasure to work with.
Colin Tan
Colin Tan
Managing Director | AxisAgile
I worked with Martin on number of opportunities - Martin's common sense approach coupled with a deep understanding of, not just Agile, but all aspects of management. added significant value.
Peter Thatcher
Peter Thatcher
Director | MESH Health

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